Fabulous Umbrella Finds to Brighten Your Rainy Day

Why do umbrellas have to be plain black?  Is there an unwritten law that says you must be drab when the skies are drab?  I think not.  When the skies are gray, it is prime time for bringing some color – or just a fun design into your life and is a great chance to really flaunt your own personality.  Here are a few unique umbrellas I found that I think would really add some style to your rainy day:

I found a large number of unique umbrellas I liked available on British websites, but concentrated on those available on American websites for this post.   The British really know how to do umbrellas!  I was surprised how few attractive umbrellas I could find that I liked on American websites.   Hmmm… I might need to go into the umbrella business….

Rain Rain Come and Stay, My new umbrella is coming out today!

These are two William Morris designs I love and wish I could find for sale.  I shall have to search up the secondary markets like Ebay and Etsy.    I just love William Morris designs.

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